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Sep. 2nd, 2008

roast beef

sweet i have something to post about

alright, i'm getting bored downstairs and i need to do something so i figured now is as good a time as ever to type up a livejournal. don't really feel like going upstairs right now, so jane, since you are the only one who really reads this, if you see this before like 8-9 your time i will probably be around then.

and since i finally have something to talk about that's really fun i figured why not. i haven't said a word on aim for the past two days because i had a little accident. i left my room two nights ago to go downstairs or to the bathroom or whatever, and i had my door shut, so i opened it and i guess smokey wanted in my room pretty badly. usually he is pretty calm but lately he's been needy as shit and i dunno where he was but i guess he saw my door open and tried dashing in, and i didn't look out for him and he threw me off balance. he is a pretty heavy cat, but i have to admit i didn't realize he was heavy enough to be that strong. in any case, he threw me off balance and near my room is the worst place to lose your balance because there is a staircase right outside the door, a really narrow staircase with a wooden railing. the only thing i remember very clearly is my face slamming into the end of the railing on my right cheek and it hurting like hell and, after whatever else happened in the fall, i remember smokey walking down the stairs and just crying at my face, not like "are you hurt" but more like "hey whats up". the only part my dad remembers is hearing "a fucking loud noise" and coming to look and seeing my left foot against the wall looking swollen. i'm guessing i also hit the back of my head near my neck against something as there is a nasty scratch/bump there too, and somehow i got some bruises on my right fingers.

i would have gone to the hospital to get everything checked on monday except my dad worked in the ER that day and i couldn't walk back home by myself, and he couldn't bring me home during the day and i would have to have been there for 10 hours, so since he figured he knew what all needed to be done [he is a doctor hooray] he just put me on some medication with some rules to live the day by and i had an ice pack applied to my ankle and watched some movies. it wasn't a terribly fun experience, and getting sleep was even worse. i didn't get any sleep the night i fell, and i didn't get but about an hour or two on monday night.

so on tuesday i got everything checked and the 'official word' is that the worst that came out of it is a not-so-severe sprained left ankle. my dad thinks i might have had a concussion but it wouldn't have been a severe one. as far as visible things go, my right cheek is swollen, bruised, and cut, and looks kind of ugly and makes opening and shutting my right eye hurt a good deal, the aforementioned scratch/bump on the back of my neck that isn't very bad at all [bump seems to be gone almost entirely after two days], and the aforementioned bruises on my right hand, most noticeably on my right pinky.

of course like a true rock band retard the first thing i checked was whether i could play plastic instruments still, and i think i can manage to play both guitar and drums. drums are harder as far as holding the right drum stick but i managed to figure out a hold that didn't hurt and still gave me enough control without having to use my pinky at all. kind of looks like i'm giving the devil horn sign to hold a stick. i also have no problem with the pedal as long as i have a support holding my left leg up, which i found a low cushion thing so i should be good there. guitar is fine because i never strummed with my pinky anyway, or my ring finger which is the only other finger that is in noticeable pain.

sorry i haven't said a word since we were supposed to play on sunday. maybe we can play tonight. i might get a couple of those songs that came out today, i'm gonna look at drum charts first. it's been a rough couple days. smokey won't leave me alone. i'm still actually going to the horses but i'm gonna end up staying in the car and giving the dog attention instead of actually helping a whole lot at the pasture, so hence the 8-9 timetable.

Aug. 24th, 2008

roast beef

this is the first post in 18 days.

i knew i would get to the point where i would not even bother coming to livejournal, and i feel kind of bad. i always start these things up and i always stop caring.

i haven't really locked down on another game since i beat cod4. i started playing two worlds, and it is pretty bad, but for the most part i've played rock band. i'm getting a lot more into playing guitar and they keep releasing DLC i want to buy so whatever. [moving pictures tuesday!] rock band 2 can't come soon enough. no rb2 tier report needed anymore either since the actual tiers for guitar and drums are announced now. i guessed the last tier for drums completely right. :\

it was my birthday two days ago. thanks for reminding me btw livejournal.

i've been looking for online radio stations and i haven't had a whole lot of success. i don't really like the recommendation radio stuff like last.fm's recommendation engine because i don't want a radio station to guess what i'll like. radio paradise seems interesting so far so i'm sticking with that for the time being. it's actually a creepy station when you read the web page and hear the guy hosting the station talk though, it's kind of like listening to one of those greenpeace nerds talk about saving the planet the way he's all "friendly" and shit. the music is really hit or miss but they played the police, beck, and santana so i'm going to stick around until i find something better which will hopefully be soon. i'm kind of tempted to find a metal station, lol. i wish montana had better radio stations but god, they're all so fucking terrible and the signal is generally bad anyway. this one radio we have that presumably has great signal only seems to pick up an espn station out of fucking TORONTO. what the fuck man.

i still can't believe harmonix is bringing grindcore to rock band 2, much less that they're actually putting it on the disc as a bonus song. i'm pretty sure no one is going to like playing that.

Aug. 6th, 2008

roast beef

i have been listening to rock band 2 songs for days

this is getting sad, but it is very fun to guess how hard or easy songs are going to be on drums. when i'm done i'll post a full report, i swear jane.

since posting my backlog, i already finished up call of duty 4. i got all the achievements aside from veteran/hardened difficulty-related ones, which i just can't do because i'm not good enough at fps games to handle it, so whatever. it's done, on the trade list, now gotta figure out what to do next. it's really refreshing to sort of lock down on games you didn't bother with before.

megadeth is boring.

Aug. 3rd, 2008

roast beef

i have a pretty big gaming backlog

recently i decided i needed to buckle down and finish some of my 360 games. i have several reasons for this. for one, most of the games i own i don't necessarily want to keep forever, and a lot of them are still worth a lot on trading sites like goozex, so finishing them faster will get me more value. two, i want to try other genres of games and i've kind of gotten myself into a corner with all these shooters and rpgs i own [or shooter rpgs, lol bioshock] without necessarily wanting to play shooters or rpgs exclusively. i also just own way too many games and i'm at the point where it's been hard to pick something to play, so i end up playing none of the games i need to be playing, instead playing rock band.

so last week i finally got started. i finished up the final disc of lost odyssey pretty fast and then traded it away, getting really nice value for it [950 points, or $47.50 in moneys]. then i decided i would finish the second playthrough of eternal sonata to get all the achievements, and managed to do so in 4 days [20 hours, so i really buckled down despite wasting a lot of time]. that's on the trade list now, hopefully someone wants it soon.

so that's two, but i really have way too many that i still need to finish. here is my backlog:

01] beautiful katamari [360]

bought this for 15 bucks at blockbuster used. haven't even played it, even though i love the katamari series.

02] bioshock [360]

the game glitched on me and i ended up with 4/3 little sisters on a level so i quit because i figured i might have somehow screwed up future achievements. gonna start this one over when i get the chance, the only fps i own that i immensely enjoy unless you count portal.

03] call of duty 4 [360]

since i never play multiplayer anyway i just want to finish the single player, maybe try veteran but i had difficulty with it. i'm not much of a shooter fan so it's a good thing i have quite a few on this list.

04] condemned: criminal origins [360]

i'm not entirely convinced i'm even going to bother finishing this. i got it through goozex, and while it's not a bad game and i'd hate to quit with only 90 achievement points, it just isn't very interesting to me. i have way too many shooters already.

05] elder scrolls iv: oblivion [goty edition] [360]

god, i feel really bad about this one. this looks like a serious commitment though, a very serious and slow and large rpg with a shitload of things to do. this one kind of scares me.

06] the godfather: the game [360]

this one is going to take a while, i've barely even started it. got it through goozex.

07] gun [360]

i really need to finish this one because it's so goddamn short. it's a really mediocre game though. granted you do shoot indians.

08] grand theft auto iv [360]

i had so many single player games to finish already but i had preordered grand theft auto iv last summer [in the expectation that i would get it that october, but of course it was delayed] so it was added to my backlog in may when it arrived at my house. i played about 10 hours of it before suddenly quitting, despite really enjoying it. i need to get back into that, but it's also sort of overwhelming as open world games tend to be.

09] mass effect [360]

another huge rpg. i almost have no desire to play this at this point, even though i was having fun.

10] orange box [360]

speaking of portal, i really need to finish up all the achievements on that. i also want to try half life 2 and its episodes, but since it's a really traditional fps, i don't really expect to enjoy it a whole lot.

11] rockstar games presents table tennis [360]

i just want to finish out the achievements on this one, but since the trade value is already shot to hell i have no urge to finish it fast.

12] two worlds [360]

okay, i guess i don't really have any sort of desire to finish [or play] this, but i got it cheap from a gamefly sale and i haven't even played it. this might actually be something i play really soon, it's different enough as an rpg from the traditional jrpgs i've been playing like lost odyssey and eternal sonata.

13] vampire rain [360]

got stuck with this one when i bought it during the gamefly sale as well. since no one fucking wants it on goozex hfdioshsfd. might not even be able to get rid of it, and for good fucking reason. the first level doesn't even have any vampires. you climb ladders, poles, some more ladders, stairs, wires, etc. for a solid 10 minutes. god, what a fucking bad game.

14] xbox live arcade unplugged [360]

this is 5 or 6 games i have yet to play. combined. christ.

15] the burger king games: big bumpin', pocket bike racer, sneak king [360]

some achievements to finish up on these. barely even played big bumpin' and sneak king. these aren't really a big deal but i wanna finish em. they are funny.

16] okami [ps2]

i have no fucking idea why i haven't finished this. it's one of the most gorgeous games i've played, and the gameplay mechanics are great. reminds me of zelda but with a lot of unique features. once i picked up the 360 though, it was as though my ps2 took a backseat, and wonderful games like this were punished. :(

17] resident evil 4 [ps2]

i bought this with dirge of cerberus: final fantasy vii from a circuit city sale glitch that allowed me to get both for 20 dollars total. [the intended sale was 2 20 dollar games for 30 dollars.] i traded dirge for nearly 30 dollars in points on goozex, so i got my money back and then some and i ended up with what i had been told was one of the greatest games of the past generation. the disc has never touched my ps2.

18] crimson skies: high road to revenge [xbox]

i am kind of a whore for deals. when i saw this was $10.99 on buy.com with free shipping--this being during the google checkout promotion where you could get 10 dollars off a purchase--i couldn't resist a 99 cent game. much like resident evil 4, it has never touched its respective console.

19] fable: the lost chapters [xbox]

lol, funny story. i played a fucking hour of this game and wasn't able to save, and then the game froze on me and i lost about 45 minutes of that in progress due to the weird "hero save" feature in the game or whatever. god, fuck that. i hate losing progress in games, which is why i haven't touched this since. i'm sure it's a fine game but man, that hurt my feelings.

20] max payne [xbox]

i bought this along with resident evil 4 and dirge of cerberus in order to boost the cost enough for free shipping, since it was $1.96. clearly this isn't a priority in my backlog but i've heard great things about it and i do want to play it.

21] mercenaries [xbox]

don't really have a lot to say other than "i need to play it."

22] the thing [xbox]

got this for free from goozex when i signed up after having it recommended to me by a friend. played for three minutes to make sure the game worked, haven't played since.

that just covers all my console games that i feel like i really need to finish. on to the portable and digital ones:

23] castlevania: portrait of ruin [ds]

this game lost my interest by being different from the other castlevanias, but that didn't make it a bad game. maybe i should chip away at this one every time i poop.

24] mario and luigi: partners in time [ds]

portable rpg, great game with a nice sense of humor, but i'm not very far into it. need to finish that up.

25] puzzle quest: challenge of the warlords [xbla]

this is a timesink and i really want to finish it. really fun, even if the game's mechanics frustratingly depend on luck sometimes.

26] carcassonne [xbla]
27] hexic hd [xbla]
28] jetpac refuelled [xbla]
29] joust [xbla]
30] omega five [xbla]
31] rez hd [xbla]
32] robotron 2084 [xbla]
33] tmnt [xbla]
34] undertow [xbla]
35] uno [xbla]
36] yaris [xbla] [SERIOUSLY]

just a bunch of xbla games i haven't played or haven't played enough of. i'm especially ashamed about rez, omega five, and undertow.

that's about it i guess. i feel really ashamed. jane, what should i do next.

Jul. 29th, 2008

roast beef

Writer's Block: In the Event of a Zombie Emergency

Are you prepared for a zombie outbreak, or are you just going to wing it?
i am prety prepared for a zombie outbrake

i wil just becom a super saijin liek in dragon ballz and i will fukken kil em all

Jul. 28th, 2008

roast beef

i am a bad person

i decided to take a break from college. i got out of my housing arrangement [surprisingly without penalty] and now i need to find out whether or not i have to "officially withdraw" from the university or just not sign up for classes.

i had started a long post describing how miserable the last 17 years of school have been, due to lots of factors including [in summary] growing up in a bible belt community of stupid racist rednecks, living in that same community post-9/11 with a middle-eastern last name, moving back and forth between north carolina and montana, and so on and so forth. but as i got into it more, it was getting really depressing and i think i was about to cry. so i deleted all of it and wrote this small summary. i think the full version was going on about 20 times as long as this, so i wasted a lot of time writing that but maybe that in and of itself was a little cathartic. i decided i don't really want anyone else to read it though. [sorry jane.]

but in short my life has been pretty much full speed ahead, and i've never had time to calm down with a lot of big shit happening. with switching majors during my college tenure, i haven't been able to even plan how to perhaps couple my film major with another one in order to increase my degree's usefulness. [as a film major i can't expect to get into the industry big time and i would like to have a fallback plan in the same vein--journalism, for instance.] but i needed to remove myself from college in order to even consider these things. that led to my decision to stay out for a while, perhaps only a semester, more likely a year because i really need to get away from it.

the plan was to get a job here in browning to keep me busy until i return, but i've been told that that might be difficult. browning is similar to where i grew up in that we're considered outsiders, the difference being that this is an indian reservation. most of the job opportunities as a white person here are either government work at the hospital [which i'm obviously not even close to being qualified for], the grocery store as a bag boy [which is a job that is hardly ever open here], the coffee shop i worked at before [which i was told upon asking for a job there that it's closing soon], or owning your own goddamn shop [lol]. so i might not even be able to occupy my time with a job, which means i'll probably be spending overtime helping out with the house while i continue to look for a job here. [jane may i join your club.]

even if i don't manage to get a job this time will be beneficial to me. i still have a good bit of money i've saved from working before that i usually spent on food and the like while at college, money i clearly won't be spending now that i am with my family. and removing myself from school for a while will be a big load off my shoulders and will allow me to regroup. in that sense i'm pretty excited.

this post still ended up kind of long, but you do not want to see the director's cut. and you won't.

Jul. 24th, 2008

roast beef


i got this fruity looking piece of shit:

and now i can do this!!


fuck yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

Jul. 17th, 2008

roast beef

wtf arabland

okay so earlier today i was waiting around downstairs, hangin out with the animals, etc., and we get a package delivered to our house that is huge as shit and has arab writing on the sides. my dad recognizes the name on the box [the only part that's in english are the addresses on the box] and he is like "oh i know that guy haha i have a funny story to tell you guys." apparently he helped an arab family near seattle who was in a car accident on the way to one of his medical gathering things, and they promised to show thanks by sending cuisine from their local arab shops. i guess they have a little arabland where they live. anyway the box is filled to the brim with arab cuisine, and has like 10 cans of stuffed grape leaves, bahklava, as well as a bunch of other stuff. it kind of freaks me out thinking of eating any of it, but maybe i'll try the stuffed grape leaves. i've had bahklava before but a different kind--the kind i had had walnuts in it, but this kind has pistachios and i kind of strongly dislike those. a pretty awkward day though.

got drumshhh pads from one of my friends as an early birthday gift. they claim to reduce the rock band drum noise by about half, but they seem to be lower to me. they look silly but not half as silly as the socks that used to be rubber banded and taped onto them.

that is about it i guess.

Jul. 15th, 2008

roast beef

man aegis wing needs a fucking sequel

you heard it here first.

aegis wing was a free xbox live title and frankly i think i would have paid 400 points for it. it's a lot better than the arcade ports they tend to put on xbox live for that price tag. it is a very solid old-school side scrolling shooter and it needs a goddamn sequel. i would pay for a sequel that was longer goddamnit. so underappreciated, very much unlike the other free xbla title yaris. that was a pile of shit.

i have a fan in my window and i guess the wind outside decided to get really fast, and it got fast enough to completely stop my fan and suck my curtains into the window from the side. lame.

i can't even touch rock band right now. playing over 30 who songs, the majority of which were on drums, twice having played fucking leaving here [holy shit that is exhausting]. i am kind of gassed on it. may be the first time in history. i got drumshhh pads in the mail from a friend though, and when i get some rubbing alcohol to clean my drum heads i will install those, so that'll be a new and exciting reason to play tomorrow. probably will avoid the who for a day or two though.

cookies n cream ice cream is fucking amazing.

when i was playing rock band earlier i was thinking about songs that are completely put in the wrong tiers. for the most part i can only think of songs that should be higher but there are some glaringly overtiered songs too. biggest travesties:

-enter sandman bass tier 9 [should be like tier 2 or 3 at the highest]
-joker and the thief bass tier 8 [same]
-enter sandman drums tier 8 [it was the first song on expert i even beat, though i probably would have beaten the really early songs first had i tried them]
-flirtin' with disaster drums tier 9 [kind of complicated rolls in a way and difficult to "master" so to speak, but it's not even close to one of the hardest drum songs in the game]
-next to you guitar tier 7 [it is the only guitar song even remotely that high that i can gold star; solo is slightly hard but solos just as hard and similar in form are in earlier tiers]

-sick sick sick guitar tier 5 [i need to keep star power to even pass the fucking thing, that needs to be so much higher]
-hammerhead drums tier 7 [there is no way on earth this is easier than enter sandman, it is one of the hardest songs in the game to date]
-inside the fire and indestructible tier 7 [you have to be a robot to be capable of keeping a combo during the bass pedal freakshow in these]
-dead on arrival drums tier 7 [really complicated shifting rhythm, don't understand]
-reptilia vocals tier 6 [i had to do this song like 10 times fuck this shit]

as far as songs i don't own, my sharona is apparently tier 3 drums but is absolutely ridiculous and should be higher; same goes for hanging on the telephone

would changing the tiers of the DLC be that big of a deal? it's not like they affect anything so i wish harmonix would do it. also we are apparently getting the rb1 content in rb2, so i hope they would consider changing the tiers of the rb1 songs for the new game. it just doesn't make any sense.

i picture a 90 year old woman tiering these.
roast beef

i cannot play a who song right now

i dunno thats about it

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